Drew Darcy - Love Affair

In this piece, I'm trying to convey a sense of intrigue within her solitude. I'm asking the viewer subliminal questions such as "Is she alone? Is she performing for a lover, partner or an audience? Is this a special occasion, birthday, anniversary or could she be a mistress?" I carefully choreographed each pose to keep her anonymity and her mystery; both pieces are open to interpretation. I’ve used loose brush strokes around each figure to accentuate the body and place the woman within a neutral space ensuring the focus is entirely on her and without distraction. Each piece is dramatised through directional lighting. What I’ve tried to express is a sense of performance and sexual emotion, aided by the shadows and the contrast between the smooth skin tone and abstract background. The images are provocative, but they also show a natural innocence as she remains a mystery and well covered so the viewers can use their own imagination… or fantasy.

Canvas On Board - Framed
24" x 18"

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